Good Routine® brand was created by Secom® Healthcare to be more than a food supplement brand, it was created to be the everyday reliable partner of people who want to make positive changes in their lifestyle.

Why? Because we need all the help we can get and all the support necessary to fight against today’s challenges: pollution, overprocessed food, stress etc. For you to get a glance into GOOD ROUTINE® world, let’s have a discovery experience.

But first, who are they? Secom® Healthcare is a group of forward-thinking companies with almost 20 years of experience on the Romanian food supplements market. The organization has established a strong reputation for delivering innovative, trustworthy, high-quality products that contain globally studied, certified and patented ingredients. In 2020, Secom® decided to leverage its vast experience in developing its own portfolio, Good Routine®, that adheres to the same superior quality standards that consumers have come to expect. The Good Routine® supplements are produced in factories in Spain and Italy, owning the most important licenses and international certifications in the category, which attest to their quality, efficiency, and safety.

Besides being a high-quality food supplement brand, Good Routine® aims to be a partner which provides solutions, inspiration, and educational information to support people in adopting or maintaining good routines – such as food supplements – to achieve a balanced life.

And what better way to do that than having a plan? Ready to start your adventure? Here you are about to discover a universe built on good habits: The Good Routine Plan – a safe place where our strongest desires collide with our fears and challenging decisions to create new habits.

Moreover, if you appreciated the journey, how about having the good routines close? Here you can enjoy colorful wallpapers to keep an eye on the good routines!

These are some of the tools developed by the Good Routine® brand to help people discover and adopt healthy habits. To support a balanced lifestyle, we need to make sure that we provide our body all the nutrients needed so it can help us in our daily challenges. So, taking the right food supplements that responds to your lifestyle needs and goals is one daily good routine to consider.

Good Routine® portfolio features 23 products across eight segments that address the most pressing needs: complete diets, including vegetarian diets, by providing essential nutrients, help to balance intestinal flora, support immunity and joint health, combat fatigue and stress, enhance cognitive performance and sleep quality, improve the functioning of the peripheral nervous system, regulate cholesterol levels, protect the liver and heart, and support the health of the urinary tract.

The products stand out through their unique mixes of ingredients acting in synergy, their innovative, patented, and easy to administer formulas, with optimal concentrations of active ingredients, carefully designed to support you, the modern consumer in your quest for a balanced and healthy life.

Good Routine® is a fresh, innovative lifestyle brand that has achieved remarkable growth. Within just two and a half years of its launch, the Good Routine® portfolio doubled in size, and four of its supplements entered top 10 products in their respective categories. Romanian consumers validated the quality of Good Routine® as early as 2022, when three of its products were voted as Product of the Year. Furthermore, the Good Routine® brand made its first international partnership after its participation in the Vitafoods Europe – Geneva international fair, the brand being launched in Iceland at the beginning of 2022. The success of the partnership is further strengthened by the upward trajectory of the business on the Icelandic market, with sales volume doubling in Q1 2023 compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

Presently, Good Routine® supplements are being sold in various parts of Europe, including Spain, UK, Germany and France’s Amazon marketplaces, prominent channels in Iceland such as supermarkets and pharmacies, over 3,500 partner pharmacies across Romania, in Secom® Retail network’s 15 stores in Romania, as well as on local online platforms.

Discover the Good Routine® by Secom® brand and portfolio with just one click by accessing its story. To immerse yourself in the Good Routine® universe, visit its international social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s keep up the Good Routines!

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