In a world where the only constant is change, how can one create a sustainable business or work environment? How can we turn the odds in our favour no matter the circumstances?

As a player in today’s economy and business world you know exactly how uncertainty feels, you’ve lived in the past years to the fullest and you maybe still trying to figure out how to be ready for the future.

We are ready to tackle a new era, with an ever changing, new business.

  • Yes, the world is a place where there is extreme income inequality.
  • Yes, the rate of consumption has reached a point where the earth’s resources can not sustain it.
  • Yes, new generations are aware of all this, and they are insistent on rejecting the status quo.

So, it is clear more than ever: We need a new system. Let’s discover it together!

During these 4 days you will have the opportunity to enjoy a Business Forum, workshops, trainings, company visits, networking, parties, food, drinks, tours, experience Romanian hospitality and attend the Most Outstanding Gala at the Palace of Parliament.

Book your calendar, May 24-27 2023, to be our guest! Only 1500 spots available.

Secure your ticket here:

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